Established 2003

WABC - Channel 7


RAISE THE AGE - Long before 'Raise The Age' or the acronym RTA was a hot topic, GRAAFICS was on the front line not only advocating for the passing of legislation but also directly working with those clients that everyone else was afraid to work with. 

WPIX - Channel 11


OPENLY CHALLENGING MAYOR DE BLASIO & GOVERNOR CUOMO - When NYPD Officer: Randolph Holder was unfortunately shot and killed in the neighborhood where our Executive Director grew up, and Mayor: De Blasio openly called for an abrupt end to programs that offer second chances to disenfranchised youth, WPIX called on GRAAFICS for a response. 

Mississippi Newspaper


THE BOTEC ANALYSIS CORPORATION SAID JACKSON WAS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO LIVE ... The GRAAFICS Program came in and said "OK, now let's do something about it." and then met with elected officials, law enforcement, collaborated with community based organizations to establish the beginning steps to change.   

Rutgers - Resources For Families Of Incarcerated Men & Women


RUTGERS UNIVERSITY LISTS GRAAFICS in their national resource directory of East Coast programs that address Youth and Juvenile Justice services.

GRAAFICS & Brownsville Community Justice Center


BROWNSVILLE, BROOKLYN. One of NYC's most ominous communities. GRAAFICS partners with BCJC and recruits active gang members to 'atone' to their community with this project. 

GRAAFICS & Parsons: The New School - Harlem Collaboration


WHEN PARSONS STUDENTS CAME TO HARLEM ... The New School @ Parsons produced a pilot in Harlem to measure community base organizations current effectiveness vs their effectiveness with external supports. These are their findings.   

GRAAFICS in Washington Times


"YOU CAN'T STAND ON YOUR MILLION DOLLAR, MANICURED LAWN IN THE HAMPTONS AND TELL US HOW TO NAVIGATE LIFE IN NEW YORK CITY, SOUTH-SIDE CHICAGO, 5TH WARD HOUSTON ... When interviewed and asked the question of programmatic effectiveness, the answer was all too simple. Yet, most people will never understand. 



SMALL PROGRAM, NATIONAL RESULTS ... How does a small, unfunded program, located in one of the most dangerous communities in America make a difference recognized by the nation? 



MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH LESS THAN $400 IN OVER 17 YEARS ... Sometimes it means more than money. From 2003 to 2020, GRAAFICS has received less that $500.00 in donations and  not a penny of government funding, and still making a difference. 

GRAAFICS in Chattanooga Times


TEEN GANGS / CREWS ARE LIKE AN EVIL FRATERNITY ... When the media calls our kids an "Evil Fraternity" GRAAFICS steps in and turns them into college graduates and employed, tax paying citizens.

GRAAFICS with Mississippi Man-Up


COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS ... When in Mississippi, GRAAFICS immediately gets on the ground and partners with community based organizations like Tougalou Man-Up to address community issues at the root level.  

GRAAFICS in JXN Pulse Magazine


GRAAFICS IN THE JXN MAGAXINE ... The Mississippi Youth Media Project trains primarily underserved teenagers, ages 14 to 18, using digital technology to produce equitable, high-quality multimedia projects to share their own stories and report on their communities with rigorous solutions journalism. 



UNITED STATES FEDERAL DISTRICT COURTS -vs- GANG MEMBERS ... Defense attorneys use GRAAFICS as expert witness to helping judges to understand that prison for gang members may not be the best alternative if we’re really interested in real rehabilitation.  

American Corrections Manual


AMERICAN CORRECTIONS MANUAL -  A trusted resource for introducing students to the dynamics of corrections in a way that captures their interest and encourages them to enter the field. ACM includes GRAAFICS in its manual to effectively recruit and train new students interested in corrections as a career. 

Fox News & The Associated Press


FOX NEWS AND THE ASSOCIATED PRESS -  Teen 'crews' connected to 40% increase in NYC shootings. GRAAFICS works to decrease that number by reconnecting gang involved youth to school, helping them to graduate, become employed or go to college and change their lives. 

WNYC Radio - Violence Is Down In East New York Brooklyn


WNYC Radio - Violence is down in East New York, Brooklyn but what will it takes to make is last?  GRAAFICS. 

Zeakyy Harrington, Mississippi Youth Media Project


THE VOICE OF TODAY'S YOUTH ... Zeakyy Harrington, 17, an at risk youth from Jackson, Miss and  YMP student actively pursuing a music career says: "Kai Smith from GRAAFICS. He was my favorite speaker because he comes from a similar environment to mine. ... He understands the violence of youth and media."

GRAAFICS @ CSA Conferences


CSA and GRAAFICS partners for the 2019 Conference for School Supervisors and Administrators. As a vendor and sponsor, GRAAFICS shared the conference floor with 6,100 Principals, Assistant Principals, Supervisors and Education Administrators who work in the NYC public schools and 200 Directors and Assistant Directors who work in city-subsidized Centers for Early Childhood Education (ECE).