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 The Gang Diversion, Reentry, And Absent Fathers, Intervention, Centers (also known as: GRAAFICS) is a four tier social emotional, culturally responsive, trauma informed, intervention program that offers evidence based behavior modification and life skills services to school based  youth and adult populations throughout the nation.     

GRAAFICS address participant’s barriers by providing 'real-time' alternatives when it's members are at the most vulnerable stages of their young adult lives. The program maintains a core curriculum that employs direct social-emotional, therapeutical and educational one-to-one and group work techniques.

GRAAFICS members are made up of those young adults whom are either:

  • Currently involved with a street gang and looking for a safe and productive exit.
  • Have recently been released from incarceration and is actively seeking rehabilitation,
  • Currently considered an absent father and is seeking a healthy and productive relationship with his child or children,
  • Have been legally classified as an at-risk youth a government agency.  

In New York, GRAAFICS is the only evidence based, culturally inclusive, education and curriculum driven behavior modification program that operates in schools, in the community, in facilities and in the home. As an approved vendor to public schools around the nation, we offer individual and cohort run, multi-dimensional services in forums where students are able to receive between 1 and 2 credits towards graduation.

With 20 individual support programs and over 100 culturally inclusive courses; the program directly addresses the social-emotional needs of at-risk youth and disconnected adults nationwide. For Fiscal Years 2010 - 2018, when contracted within public schools for a minimum of a full year, our day programs maintained a 70% LTA increase in attendance, 97% decrease in school violence and a 20% increase in grades.

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