Established 2003


The Mission of GRAAFICS is to decrease criminal activity, recidivism and absent fathering by providing positive ‘Real-Time’ alternatives for people genuinely interested in change. 



GRAAFICS visualizes helping children by helping their Fathers become more responsible, helping ex-offenders by providing healthy alternatives to re-offending; helping ‘gang members’ by providing a safe ‘out’ that will lead to a more productive life and helping the community by changing the way that our participants think, process information and approach situations. We visualize success through tireless self works and through transparent partnerships with those that support our view. 


Values Statement

HUMILITY: Because patience and professional attitude are the most important qualities one can offer a client.

UNQUESTIONABLE INTEGRITY: Customers will never question the level of professionalism and/or ethics surrounding their involvement.

QUALITY SERVICES BEFORE SELF: The customer is and will always be the very first priority

CONTINUOUS PURSUIT OF PERFECTION: Through networking, program comparisons and customer evaluations; we will continuously seek to improve on every aspect of the project to ensure continuous quality services