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After School Programs

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According to the U.S. Department of Justice, most offenses committed by juveniles are committed on school days. Further data suggest that a significant portion of those offenses are committed between the hours of 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Successful after-school programming offers children a safe and nurturing environment that can help them improve their social emotional skills, achievement levels, attendance, behavior, and grade-level progression. After-school programs help students improve their academic performance in a variety of ways.

Achievement: After-school programs provide students with engaging academic support that positively impacts student attitudes towards school.

Social Impact: Participation in these programs allows students to enjoy close peer and teacher relationships, increased self-confidence and decreased depression and anxiety.

Protection: After-school programs have a positive effect on students because they help to prevent and/or reduce at-risk behavior. 

After School Programs Offered By GRAAFICS

  • The R.A.Y.S Program
  • Models For Non Violence
  • Mentoring
  • G-Fam
  • Employment Services
  • Young Parents


Cohort Size:  10 Participant Minimum and 25 Participant Maximum.  

Costs: GRAAFICS is an approved education vendor in several States. All services are fee based. Costs are determined by the selections that are made by individual schools. Discounts are available and may apply.  


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Remember: Programming with us means entering into a contract. This entails us coming in to do an assessment, creating an action plan, customizing your service, building your program, setting up the operations, managing day-to-day activities and 100% of the results are yours.