Established 2003

E is Key

'E is Key' - Education Is The Key

E is Key is short for “Education is the key to the door of success”. The goal of the ‘E is Key’ program is to address student’s entry level ‘at-risk’ behaviors by incorporating real time life skills activities and programs into their day-to-day school activities. Designed by students and staff, ‘E is Key’ activities and programs additionally challenging students holding them accountable for achieving certain success milestones that will immediately benefit them.

E is Key programs consist of:

  • Mock Trials (in real court rooms)
  • Internships, Volunteering, Attending College Tours and College Career Fairs, 
  • Speaking At Other High Schools, 
  • Attending Mock Interview Trainings,
  • Shadowing A Senior Executive At Work For A Day, etc.
    Since its arrival and within our first year;


To increase student’s level of educational outlook by decreasing interruptions due to poor balances of social relationships and educational focus.

Who Will Benefit:
Schools that currently experience the challenges of managing day-to-day educational due to unmanageable social interactions.


Remember: Programming with us means entering into a contract. This entails us coming in to do an assessment, creating an action plan, customizing your service, building your program, setting up the operations, managing day-to-day activities and 100% of the results are yours.