Established 2003

The RAYS Program

Reaching At Risk Youth From The Street

Ask troubled youth where they are from and they will easily (and sometimes gladly) reply “I’m from the streets!”. Pay close attention to the lyrics to the songs that they like and you'll tap into a description of how they feel. Monitor their favorite television characters and/or identify the person that they look up to (or aspire to be like) and you'll be introduced to their goals in life. 

We asked 100 urban youth "How do you feel when you attend programs and the staff talk down about street life?" 70% have confirmed that they felt disrespected. 


Unlike programs that unknowingly offend young adults by attacking the ‘one thing’ that they feel connected to and maybe even love; R.A.Y.S fully accepts each participants street life mentality and reality. We meet each participant where they are, assess their social-emotional and educational position and then we work to develop a realistic action plan.



To redirect unstable decision making and initial criminal offenses by providing youths with answers to questions and actions plans answers that cab be used immediately.  

Who will benefit:

Young adults (ages: 10 to 17) that have exhibited at-risk behavior and especially those that have expressed an interest in alternatives to at-risk behavior.


Remember: Programming with us means entering into a contract. This entails us coming in to do an assessment, creating an action plan, customizing your service, building your program, setting up the operations, managing day-to-day activities and 100% of the results are yours.