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Reentry Part 1 | Internal Pre-Release Services

Three of the most critical issues in determining whether an ex-prisoner can successfully re-enter society and maintain a successful life thereafter are: #1 Training, #2 Employment and #3 Education. Studies show that prisons fail horribly at providing quality reentry services to offenders scheduled for release simply because it’s not what they do. Prisons are not in the business of rehabilitation, they’re in the business of confinement. Therefore, prison administrators aren't really interested in the kind of pre-release, reentry services that has the propensity to eventually render them unemployed. In most cases, inmates scheduled for release are offered poor quality, cut-and-paste, pre-release services 30 to 90 days prior to release. These services are usually facilitated to inmates by another inmate (with no clue of dated techniques) or staffs whom also have no clue of social determinants and/or societal changes in the communities where soon-to-be-released inmates will return. This lack of dated education and materials; and the packaging and facilitation of outdated, ineffective information as preparedness training forces soon-to-be-released inmates to return to society not only without a genuine formula for success, but with one that may very well have prepared them for a return.  


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