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The Definition Of A Snitch

The Power Of This One Word

Note: The GRAAFICS Program in ABSOLUTELY no way, shape, form or fashion partners and/or participates with and/or shares information criminal with law enforcement agencies or investigations in any capacity.

Who Is A Snitch? 

According to the streets: A snitch is a person that is involved with a crime, who provides confidential criminal information about a crime to a law enforcement agency without the knowledge of those other criminals whom may be involved. The term snitch is usually used in the streets where people who are known as snitches are also known as ‘Rats’. Snitching can also be defined as: “A criminal supplying information (without the consent of other criminals whom may be involved) with the purposeful intent to cause some form of harm, for some form of gain.  


Informants are found in the world of crime. Crime and Informant are synonymous like: up and down, stop and go, day and night, hot and cold, etc. By nature, most criminals commit their offenses with a friend, a ‘Look Out’, a ‘Crimey’, a ‘Homie’, etc.  who is essentially their co-defendant. Therefore, the crime involves a two or more people who are (in some way) aware of each other’s guilt. Quite frequently, snitches provide information in order to obtain lenient treatment for themselves and/or provide information, over an extended period of time, in return for money or for police to overlook their own criminal activities. Most criminals employ this behavior following their own arrest.

Who Is Not A Snitch? 

Now that you have the complete definition and a clear understanding of what and who a snitch is. Let us tell you who is NOT a snitch. Any general, everyday regular citizen (like: A grandmother, grandfather, child, or a general everyday working class person who is NOT affiliated with crime) who helps a police investigation by offering ANY helpful information that can possibly solve a crime is absolutely ‘NOT’ a snitch.

Why Is This Person NOT A Snitch? .... This person is NOT a snitch because this person is a civilian. This person is NOT involved in the life of crime. This person did not commit the crime with you. Remember, snitching is synonymous to crime, NOT citizen. This person is NOT a criminal. This person is a general, everyday working class, taxpaying citizen in search of a better life (and a better community) for his/her family. If you (as a criminal) were doing your job as a criminal or if you were (even) a good criminal no one would have any information about you to tell. Therefore, as opposed to falsely labeling individuals with a title that they have not earned. Maybe you should be a better criminal. Money collected in taxes from the civilian, tax paying citizen is used to pay the salary of police. The same way you wont accept $5.00 from an addict for a $10.00 drug, the tax payer will not accept poor services from police that they pay. So, paying the police's salary and helping them to keep their community safe and crime free (by assisting with investigations) means they are doing their jobs. - THIS IS THE “RAW” TRUTH. 


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