Established 2003

Employment Training - 1 and 2

Employment Training - Part 1 and Part 2

This course was designed for those people who have difficulties with finding employment. With more than 14 years of professional human service experience as well as over 5 years of working as a subordinate employee and 6 years in mid to senior management with the most successful workforce development programs in region, the focus of this course is to address the individual need of each client with regards to any barrier to employment.

Key Topics:
•    Where exactly are you now
•    Getting from where you are, to where you want to be
•    Skills Assessment
•    Employment Statistics
•    Lifestyles
•    10 reason you are better as an employed person
•    Today’s decision…tomorrows rewards
•    Personal Contract
•    Introduction to Time Management
•    10 reasons to plan, how to execute, and what happens when you don’t
•     Why will / won’t you return tomorrow?

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course:
Anyone at the entry-level phase of employment. This course offers its students the often over looked, yet crucially important assessment of their current skills, compares those skills to the current state of the economy-as it applies to securing a career in their field of choice, and gives them a realistic measuring tool for accomplishing employment goals.


Employment Training 2

Employment Training 2

 The workshop for this day will begin with another icebreaker ‘What is your personal learning style’, followed by a review of the events of yesterday’s workshop (Pro’s and Con’s) This will flow into Adding their assets.  Handouts will include several documented formats that will assist each customer with the course for the day. Customers will learn the prerequisites of Cover letters, Resumes, Applications, how to strengthen their weak areas and add all of their assets to their employment portfolio.  

Key Topics:
•    Icebreaker- ‘What is your personal learning style?’
•    Review yesterday’s workshop with returning customers
•    Adding your assets
•    Self inventory (what skills do you have and how to market them)
•    Stepping Stones (the difference between a job and a career)
•    Mastering Job Applications
•    The perfect Resume
•    The perfect Cover Letter
•    Never be nervous again
•    Turning a mouse into a shark \ face to face with the manager
•    What to say on a job interview
•    How to answer all of the employers tough questions
•    What they want to hear (is what will get you the job)
•    Questions you must ask the employer

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
This is Part Two of the Professional Job Hunter’s Course. Here, we offer the entry level career job seeker the delicate intricacies of what it takes to actually get the job you WANT.