Established 2003

Etiquette Training

The Business Etiquette Training

This may very well be THE MOST IMPORTANT course for young adults. In a world where people judge others primarily based upon first impressions. This course will teach all in attendance everything he needs to know about image during business hours and image during non-business hours.

•    What does etiquette mean
•    The art of meeting and greeting
•    Dressing for success
•    How to make a great first impression
•    10 tips on how to have a great interview
•    The fundamentals of work place etiquette
•    Business entertaining
•    Here is what they REALLY think about you
•    How to handle a formal place setting
•    Eating different foods in public
•    Looking good on a budget
•    Networking: All you need to know
•    Act and Look like a Hollywood model- ON A STRICT BUDGET!!!

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
This seminar is designed for people who want to learn ‘The Art of Grace and Presence’ to assist with optimizing professional skills that they may already have.