Established 2003

Fatherhood Training

The Fatherhood Training Course

In a country where the ‘Dead-beat Dad’ is the subject of many lengthily conversations; this course was customized after interviewing fathers, step fathers, grandfathers (and a few great grandfathers) in an effort to identify the elements needed to reconnect unproductive fathers, both young and mature, with their children.
Key Topics:

•    Is it really your child
•    Are you a father or a daddy- There IS a HUGE difference
•    How to be a daddy
•    What I believe
•    Top 10 reasons why fathers do not pay child support
•    Manhood  -vs-  Machismo
•    Fathers are real men too
•    Taking care of myself
•    Yes, No, Maybe…whatever! -  Decisions
•    Stressed out but still trying hard
•    What is your definition of success
•    Father and daddy: Best friends?  How?
•    Dad with the most potential
•    How to be the best dad with little or no money
•    How to be the best father with little or no money
•    Understanding the child support system…legally
•    What does my child’s mother ‘really’ want?
•    How to get along with my child’s mother
•    How to be the best influence for my child without a job or money
•    Do I realize that I am my child’s role model
•    Why am I a Deadbeat

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course:
Any male that has a child. The course is designed for the biological father that has been inactive in the life or lives of his child or children. However, we have discovered that fathers whom are active in their children’s lives have completed the course simply for positive reinforcements.