Established 2003

Incarcerated Adults Training

Incarcerated Adults Training

Uniquely considered the single absolute ‘Best’ course for the offender; this course was designed for those individuals whom are either currently in prison or have open criminal cases and unfortunately will begin serving their sentence soon. What makes this course one-of-a-kind is the fact that it actually shows the (soon-to-be inmate) how to productively navigate the prison system (from inside) while building the foundation for potentially an early release and/or effective reentry.

This Training Includes:
•    Building a positive attitude: Getting away from the prisoners mentality EARLY
•    Preparing for your release on your first day inside
•    Avoiding write-ups
•    People, places, and things
•    Parole and probation
•    Outside organizations that really help you
•    Working while on the inside: How it helps you if you do it, how it hurts you if you don’t
•    GED and College: via- US Mail and how you get all of your credit once you are out
•    What do you do when you are about to be released: Shelter, food, and clothing
•    What’s really real- Accepting your NEW reality
•    Violence on The inside- Is it REALLY Mandatory?
•    How to avoid violence in prison
•    Turning a negative into a positive- making it all work for you

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
Anyone whom has recently been convicted of an offense and any period of incarceration has been imposed; and/or the family/loved ones of anyone in this unfortunate situation.