Established 2003

Incarcerated Youth Training

Incarcerated Youth Training

Based on youth perceptions of what programs and activities they thought would help them succeed, job training or a program that provided a paid internship was rated highly by youth as an inside- or outside-facility program, followed by real computer skills. More generally, one of the most highly rated programming options was having a safe place to go when they were released. Although some juvenile detention centers offer classes that could be very beneficial, many of these youth need more basic life skills preparation.

This 14 day to 24 month tailored program focuses on:
•    I’m out. Now what do I do?
•    Separating needs from wants
•    Changing people, places and things
•    Changing my attitude
•    Building a WORKING relationship with my Probation Officer
•    Steps to staying out
•    Intern? Man, I ain’t working nowhere for FREE!
•    Minimum wage- I can’t work for minimum wage!
•    What are you REALLY doing with your life?
•    Avoiding police contact
•    Going back to school: finding the school that’s best for you, enrolling and actually going
•    Building a REAL support system
•    False expectations and Delusions of grandeur
•    Your ‘New’ life: You will get out of it whatever you put into it.
•    Assessing EXACTLY where you are
•    Identifying where you want to be
•    Building a measurable plan for where you want to be

Who Will Benefit From This Course:
Any young adult that may be currently detained that is scheduled for release within 24 months.