Established 2003

Organizational Change Training

How To Get Staff On The Same Page When They May Be Scattered

Change management is the expression used to define the complex of activities, functions, and tools (such as training courses) through which an organization deals with the introduction of something new that is relevant for both its survival and growth. Training, development, and innovation are three different but interconnected functions by which organizations manage change. The interconnected concepts of training, development and innovation, when incorporating change within organizations is often times extremely complex. @GRAAFICS, the process through which something becomes different and the positive and empowering result of that difference is real change. Our training(s) allow staff, both seasoned and new, the opportunities to be effective in the changing contexts of the environments where they (literally) spend most of their lives; their jobs.   

This program is designed for: 

  • Portfolio, Program and Project Managers
  • Program Board and Program Assurance
  • Business Change Manager
  • Team Manager and Team Leaders
  • Mid-senior level managers in all industry sectors
  • High-potential managers or those wishing to extend their career by learning these valuable skills
  • Managers, leaders and sponsors who are involved in leading change at the team or organisational level

At the end of course, graduates will: 

  • Become better managers and business leaders
  • Achieving optimal personal and business performance
  • Combine information, learn about implementing change management, its tools and industry best practice, facilitated by an experienced change leader and 
  • Develop, apply and embed the knowledge and skills acquired by this program to your organisation.