Established 2003

People Skills Training

The 'Improving Your People Skills' Training

When you take the time to increase your general everyday interactions with the people in your workplace, you become a healthier and happier employee. This course is designed to offer the subordinate employee all of the tools that he/she will need in order to build more productive and effective working relationships.

Key Topics:

•    What you may not know about YOU
•    Why people react and do what they do
•    Productively standing up for yourself
•    Rebuilding prior poor relationships
•    Identifying and changing your own interpersonal skills and habits
•    Examining your current relationship style
•    Improving workplace self esteem
•    Recognizing nonverbal cues and how they impact you
•    How to deal with delicate situations and difficult people
•    Building relationships that work and last for years
•    Changing your workplace attitude- before you’re fired!!!
•    Creating a ‘Plan-of-Action’ for growth at work
•    How to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome
•    How to identify, change and avoid sabotaging yourself

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
Any staff member that wants to improve their relationships with the people that they work with everyday.