Established 2003

Police Diversity & Sensitivity Training

The ONLY way that police around the U.S. can stop killing US is to better understand US.

The killing of unarmed African American males around the United States at the hands of the police needs to stop! ...  and some police department, in some city or town, somewhere needs to take the lead and set the national measurable example.   -Kai Smith

Ask any of the hundreds of thousands of formerly incarcerated African American men whom have returned to society from prison. Men who have become 100% productive, e.g.: have secured college degrees, have stable careers, are business owners, have healthy families, are giving back to their communities, etc. Ask any of them 'How do we stop the police from killing unarmed African American men and they will tell you something that correlates to: "The absolute only way that police around the U.S. can stop killing US is to admit that they need to be continually trained and educated by US on US."

So, we did that ... we asked 100 formerly incarcerated now successful African American men: "Now that you've successfully turned your life around and have an understanding of both sides of the line, do you believe that police are interested in better understanding us to the point where their first response won't be to kill us?" 5% of those polled believe that when it comes to training, genuine budget restrictions can be a factor. However, 85% believe that blatant police para-military arrogance will never change and therefore will forever render effective and measurable diversity and sensitivity training unavailable. Additionally, the response from 5% agreed that often times, when one department or precinct decides to become the outlier, training is offered by some highly unqualified internal staff person to satisfy an HR requirement or the contract is given to someone who will a offer cut-quality service.  

@GRAAFICS, our police diversity and sensitivity contract offers evidence based, curriculum focused, whole person, community empowering trainings (in theory and in practice) that go far beyond 'making friends with community, etc.' We offer a full curriculum inclusive of: Role Playing Scenarios, Role Playing Reenactments, Meaningful Event Production and Participation, Assistance With Recruitment and Violation Measurement and Accountability.    

Important Note: In absolutely no capacity does GRAAFICS cooperate, divulge, give, volunteer and/or share community and/or any person's information with law enforcement. Our job as trainers is to professionally organize and mobilize a community to better represent itself by better training its police to understand diverse life and death matters.