Established 2003

Professional DJ Training

How To Get Into The Music Industry - Become A Professional DJ

Our beginner Dj course is the perfect course to keep young people out of trouble. During this course kids will learn the basics in mixing, music theory, equipment setup and organizing a music library. No experience is needed to take this course. Offered by celebrity and seasoned DJ’s, the GRAAFICS DJ course is perfect for students and or any young person that wants to get into the music business. The perfect tool for keeping kids out of trouble, this course can be offered as an in-school program, after school program, evening program and effective 1/1/10 GRAAFICS will be the very first and only organization that offers professional DJ training INSIDE of Juvenile justice, minimum and medium correctional facilities and detention centers.  

Yes. This course is offered INSIDE of juvenile justice facilities

What’s Covered In Class:


  1. Why you want to take this course
  2. Convincing us you'll take the course seriously
  3. Adjusting and improving your behavior so that you qualify for the class
  4. The history of DJing - Where it all started, why it started and how it started 
  5. Understanding the different genres of music and why they are important
  6. Rhythm and timing
  7. Music and song selection


  1. Introduction to mixing
  2. Sorting music (CDs, vinyl, MP3)
  3. Club mixing basics
  4. Working with DJ software
  5. Using the mixer’s features (faders, EQ, FX)
  6. Using CDJ/turntable features (jog, cues, effects)
  7. Mixing techniques
  8. Scratching
  9. Equipment, set up, & ready to go
  10. Mixer essentials


  1. Beats & bars
  2. Intro to beat matching
  3. Arrangement of Underground Electronic Music
  4. Pitch and identifying dissonance (known as clashing)
  5.  Structure and why you need to know about it
  6. Where to mix in and out
  7. Building a Set
  8. Tips on track choice
  9. Tempo
  10. Set order


  1. Mix points
  2. FX
  3. Introduction to common FX
  4. EQ
  5. All about filtering
  6. FX in the mix dos and don’ts
  7. Hardware & Software
  8. Pioneer CDJ Nexus
  9. Mixed In Key


  1. Your Set
  2. Fine tuning your set
  3. Body language behind the decks
  4. Mixing acapellas
  5. Advanced Mixing & Digital Tricks
  6. Sampling and triggering
  7. All about delay and reverb in the mix
  8. Looping and making your own mash-ups on the fly
  9. Impact mixing with levels and FX
  10. Advanced Set Building & Ad-libbing


  1. Out-of-the-box song choice
  2. Tempo change tips
  3. Music programming, set times
  4. Reading a crowd and having a ‘plan b’
  5. Preparing For A Show
  6. Preparing your set
  7. Recording your set
  8. Developing your sound
  9. Marketing and promoting yourself
  10. Marketing tips
  11. How to get gigs

At the end of this course, young adults will be able to perform a 10-15 minute set in front of your peers, family and instructors that will showcase what they have learned.