Established 2003

Relationships Training

The Relationships Training

This course was created after more than 500 hours of research with Professional Relationship Therapist as well as sitting through relationship groups comprised of both women and men in groups of all men, all women and mixed. Coordinated with proven theory, these works are comprised of a host of study guides, books, resources and couples relationship building games.

Key Topics:
•    Who were you vs. who are you
•    Is he right for you
•    Is she right for you
•    Establishing respect from the beginning
•    What exactly is love
•    Am I love or am I just deeply infatuated
•    Is he cheating, and if so, what do I do
•    Is she cheating, and if so, what do I do
•    What is happiness
•    Are you really happy
•    How do you find happiness
•    How do you work at a productive relationship

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
Anyone that is interested in discovering the common sense ‘Real-Time’ facts surrounding their relationship. This course will assist participants with not only identifying where challenges (within a relationship) currently lie, but also how to proactively address those challenges, creating a plan-of-action for future balance and success.