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Small Business Training

Small Business Training

All Corporations are required to maintain a "corporate minute book" that holds things like the formation paperwork, licenses, resolutions and meeting minutes. It is one of the first things requested when a company is audited or being sold. The corporate kit that comes with our training includes EVERYTHING that a student will need to exit high school as a LEGAL NYS small business owner. This includes:

  • New York State Corporate Kit
  • Three ring (3-ring) binder with slipcase,
  • Dividers,
  • Twenty (20) Stock Certificates,
  • Corporate Seal,Stock Transfer Ledger,
  • Student’s company name embossed on the outside of the binder,
  • Student’s company name imprinted in the Corporate Seal,
  • Business Plan- Students will learn HOW to write their own business.  
  • Marketing Plan- Students will learn HOW to write their own marketing plan.
  • EIN Number,
  • Articles of Incorporation,
  • Business Checking Account,
  • Business Debit Card,
  • Policy & Procedure Manual,
  • Day-to-Day Staff Rule Book

Branding Package   -   Note: The Branding Package is independently priced.
Allow them to brand their businesses and give your students the best possible preparations to succeed with their newly discovered small business as soon as they graduate. Our small business branding kit offers each graduate of our Entrepreneurs Small Business Start Up program the professional look and presence that he/she will need in order for competitors and potential partners to take them serious. This package includes:

  • Company Logo
  • Company Website 5 to 7 Pages
  • Business Email Account
  • Business Cards
  • 4X6 Fliers
  • Brochures
  • Professional Social Media Presence
  • 48 X 72in. Weatherproof Vinyl Banner
  • Professional 3min. ‘YouTube’ Television Commercial
  • Direct Connection to NYC Small Business Networking Events

What Students Will Gain:
Students that successfully complete this course will leave high school not only with as a business owner BUT with a owning a business that has a winning edge.  Students that successfully complete this course will leave high school as New York State REGISTERED Small Business Owners. It will be up to them, thereafter, to follow their dream.