Established 2003

Street Gangs

The Street Gang Diversion Training

Whether its active in communities or within our schools; whether they are called a 'Gang' or a 'Crew'; street gangs are present and they are NOT going anywhere. This high intense course was both created and verified by both current and former gang members that have successfully made the transition.

Subjects Include:

  • How did this thing REALLY start?
  • Are they following the REAL rules?
  • Exactly WHY am I in it?
  • How is it benefiting me?
  • Is it hurting me?
  • How is it hurting me?
  • Do I really NOT give a F&*%
  • Prison time when I am caught
  • Who is snitching ... Exactly
  • Is this really worth my life?
  • Statue of limitations
  • Who's watching and when?
  • Is there REALLY a way out?
  • How this life REALLY effects my family
  • Am I REALLY about this life
  • How this REALLY effects my community
  • Step #1 To getting out - Find a good mentor
  • What is consequential thinking?
  • What is disrespect?
  • Step #2 To Getting out - An achievable plan
  • People, Places and Things
  • I really want to get out ... but,

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
At-risk youth and/or disconnected youth within controlled environments, e.g.: detention centers, public schools, correctional facilities.Current gang members looking for a way out of their gang, Parents of gang members seeking diversion information, Community members interested in identifying and removing gangs from their neighborhoods, and organizations interested in learning how to address this rapidly growing culture.