Established 2003

Entrepreneurs Training

The Entrepreneurs Training

The only way to GUARANTEE A PAYCHECK is to work for yourself. If America is the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and New York is the richest and most opportunity friendly state in the country; how does a person get started? With this course you will learn:

•    How to start your own business
•    Discrimination and Minorities
•    Is this REALLY a white Man’s World? - Roots,Slavery, Civil Rights Era… Get over it!
•    Corporate America’s view the small business
•    Building business credit
•    The paperwork process
•    Finding a GOOD small business attorney
•    Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations
•    How to start a small business while still working for someone else
•    Small business banking and you
•    Today’s Struggle, tomorrow’s success
•    Start Up Money: How and where to get it
•    Urban Empowerment
•    How to launch your small business without making it difficult for you at your job

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
The person that has ever envisioned working for his/herself. This course provides the tools needed to give the future entrepreneur that extra push needed in order to branch out into the fantastic world of self employment.Whether you are interested in a small legal hustle to supplement your (already stable) income or you are looking to establish a small business in hopes of growing it to become the next Apple ... this course is for you.