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One day my grandmother called me into her bedroom. She was sitting up in her bed watching TV. She said "Kai, go over and look out of that window and tell me what you see?". We lived on the 9th floor of the Washington projects in East Harlem. I said: "Grandma, I see cars and buildings and people and my friends playing basketball. Can I go downstairs?" She said: "Kai, look at me. From now and for the rest of your life, whenever you look out of a window; you need to see a bunch of stuff that you do not own and you need to have a problem with that."  I was 8 yrs old. 

Kai Smith - Executive Director


Kai Smith is the founder of an organization that redirects the adverse behavior of youth and empowers them to be their best.  

Kai Smith - Brand Owner


Kai Smith is the owner of a clothing line where 100% of all clothing are made by the kids enrolled in the program and 100% of all profits are used within the program. 

Kai Smith - Motivational Speaker


Kai Smith is arguably one of the most powerful and inspirational speakers of our times. His ability to motivate, empower and mobilize an audience is something you have to see for yourselves. 

Kai Smith - Subject Matter Expert


On subjects that involve understanding, managing or redirecting the behaviors of today's youth. Kai Smith is one of the nation's leading authorities on the correlation of theory and practice. 

Kai Smith on Television


When you want the raw and unfiltered truth on how everyday people feel about today's topics? The Kai Smith TV Show invites the viewer into the real conversation that takes place after the professionally softened main stream shows go off. 

Kai Smith - A Radio Personality


Your ride home from work will never be the same. A radio show that does not ask, nor wants you to be perfect. The Kai Smith Radio Show brings you the perfect blend of raw facts and hardcore opinion. You don't want to miss it. 

Founder | Owner | CEO


Created by Kai Smith and the very first program of it's kind. Models for Non Violence offers young women the chance to use their organic gifts to empower themselves and help other young women. 

Kai Smith - Professional Growth Training


With the perfect blend of street savvy, education, ground up business acumen and corporate leadership, you can rest assured that when Kai Smith trains your staff, they are trained right. 

Kai Smith the Youth Champion


When asked: "How Are You So Successful With Today's Youth?"  Kai Smith responds: "Its simple. Kids don't care how much you know until they know how mush you care. I do for kids what I wanted someone to do for me when I was their age." 

Kai Smith On Your Panel


As a panelist, when others focus on theory and data, Kai Smith offers the voice of today's youth. 

Kai Smith | B.E.T and NYS OCFS


Brownsville, Brooklyn. The place where GRAAFICS was erected and arguably, for the past 40 yrs is the gun violence capital of NYC. In partnership with Samson Styles formerly of B.E.T.  Kai Smith addresses youth of the  OCFS Ella McQueen Juvenile facility.  

Kai Smith's Expert Opinion


As an expert, Kai Smith is bold enough to assess ALL of the facts and offer push back against popular belief.   

Kai Smith's Video Profile


Commitment is ... finding something positive in and never loosing focus of your dream; even while in prison, working 40 hrs per week for 15 cents per hour. 

Kai Smith on Raise The Age


Kai Smith is a bold and empowering voice representing yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's youth.  

Kai Smith's Personal Biography


He is called: 'The Fire Starter.' Take a moment to be introduced to the inspiring story of the journey that made Kai Smith. 

Kai Smith - Published Writer & Author


As a writer, Kai Smith contributes to several periodicals that that reaches audiences in some of the most complex environments. 

TV News - WPIX Channel 11


New York's WPIX Channel 11 lists GRAAFICS #1 on their resource list of programs working to end gang violence in NYC. 

Kai Smith - Your Keynote Speaker


Inspirational  |  Motivational  |  Empowering and Uplifting. When you hire Kai Smith as your keynote address, you hire someone that most audiences leave feeling like they've made a personal connection.