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Extra Curricular

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Studies show that students involved in sports alone or sports in combination with other activities have significantly a better chance at success. @GRAAFICS, extracurricular activities include: sports, newspaper production, music production, television production and the arts. For many students, extracurricular activities offers an opportunity to practice social skills and to experiment in activities that may represent a potential career interest. For a child who is not gifted academically, the opportunity to excel in the arts or sports may make a big difference in his or her self-esteem and in motivating and empowering him/her to focus and work harder academically.

Many extracurricular activities, such as the school newspaper, photography, and drama, can lead to careers. Extracurricular activities can also be the gateway for consideration into college. A student's academic record and scores on standardized tests form the core of his or her academic profile. However, admissions officers do consider other factors, such as a demonstrated talent in athletics or the arts or leadership in school, community or extracurricular activities. Through these diverse activities, students can have fun, get and remain healthy, build a resume for both college and career, increase creativity , improve organizational skills, learn time management, and develop people skills. 

Some of our extra curricular activities include: 

  • Sports: Basketball, Football, Baseball
  • Dance
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Music
  • Comedy & Spoken Word
  • Drama
  • Public Speaking

 Who Will Benefit From The Program:Young adults with or without disabilities, and identified as “at-risk” or “special needs,” and enrolled in a middle school or high school or detained in a juvenile detention center  


Remember: Programming with us means entering into a contract. This entails us coming in to do an assessment, creating an action plan, customizing your service, building your program, setting up the operations, managing day-to-day activities and 100% of the results are yours.