Established 2003

Gang Diversion

The Power, Affects and Rewards Of Choice.

@GRAAFICS, we honestly believe that every youth street gang is made up of kids that are placed into (what they truly believe) are situations of hopelessness and desperation. The social determinants of their environment(s) coupled with hidden, un-diagnosed or untreated trauma and a continued feeling of despair forces them into certain lifestyles. Our gang diversion services focuses on those individuals that have current gang affiliations, whom have come to the conclusion in their lives that they honestly want to do something different. Through intense, customized training (with zero pressure from us) we blanket these new decision makers with: anger management, aggression replacement therapy and a host of other trauma informed services and tools that they will need to guide them through what may be one of the hardest life decisions that they have ever made.    

GRAAFICS gang diversion services are unique, dated and effective. While most may look at these young adults and see criminals that deserve prison; we choose to see future successful doctors, lawyers and fortune 500 CEO. We've discovered that sometimes, the difference between a career criminal and a career executive is someone (simply) not giving up on them. 

Offered in cohorts, small groups and/or one-to-one. Each offering is managed by highly educated, experienced (and sometimes licensed) professionals whom (in addition to GRAAFICS certification) have dedicated their lives and careers to offering genuine, real time ‘port-of-exit’ services and solutions.   


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Remember: Programming with us means entering into a contract. This entails us coming in to do an assessment, creating an action plan, customizing your service, building your program, setting up the operations, managing day-to-day activities and 100% of the results are yours.