Established 2003

Culturally Responsive SUSTAINABILITY (CR-S)

Did you know that GRAAFICS has operated on a CR-S framework since 2003?

Culturally Responsive Sustainability or CR-S is an education model designed to help educators create student-centered learning environments that highlight and foster 5 basic principles:  

  1. Affirm racial, linguistic and cultural identities;
  2. Prepare students for rigor and independent learning,
  3. Develop students’ abilities to connect across lines of difference;
  4. Elevate historically marginalized voices; and
  5. Empower students as agents of social change.

The CR-S Education model is intended to help education professionals create supporting and empowering student learning environments that and contribute to: Individual student engagement, Learning, Growth, and Achievement through the cultivation of critical thinking. CR-S was designed to support education professionals in developing and implementing 

policies that educate all students effectively and equitably, as well as provide appropriate supports and services to promote positive student outcomes. 

CR-S when incorporated within the classroom has four pillar principles:

  1. Welcoming and Affirming Environment
  2. High Expectations and Rigorous Instruction
  3. Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment and
  4. Ongoing Professional Learning

Each of the 4 principles are applied to environments beyond the classroom where they are still illustrated by those core features deeply rooted in the elements of education quality. At GRAAFICS, when you choose CS-R as an inclusion in your package, we apply CS-R to an educational seamless day paradigm. This means its applied to programs during school hours (in the classroom) woven into the fabric of all after school programs and also included within evening programs.